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Stunt coordinator on the short film "Vannlijer i blomst ("Water Lillies in Bloom") directed by Emil Stang Lund.

October 15th:
The play "Misery", based on the novel by Stephen King, opens at Hålogaland Teater, Tromsø. I am fight choreographer for this production.

October 9th:
Teaching at Zin-Lit Stunt Academy, Sweden.

October 2nd:
Shooting of "Norwegian Ninja" wraps. Back to Tromsø!

September 26th-27th:
In Alta, coordinating the stunts for the feature film "Kurt Josef Wagle og legenden om Fjordheksa" ("The legend of the Fjord Witch").

September 19-20th:
Teaching a workshop on film fighting in Drammen, hosted by the Nordic Stage Fight Society.

September 11-13th:
In Berlin for the Open Internatioal Championship in Stage Fencing with the national team - I am coach, choreographer and perform. We won 1 gold and 2 silver medals:

Gold medal, Duel Antique/Medieval - Kristoffer Jørgensen, Johannes Eilertsen
Silver medal, Duel Antique/Medieval - Kristoffer Jørgensen, Ine Camilla Bjørnsten
Silver medal, Group Fantasy/Contemporary - Maria Hansen, Martine Å. Sørensen, Sigri de Vries

I also held a short workshop on Sunday 13th on close combat in rapier fencing, hosted by the Olympic Fencing Club, Berlin and the German Academy of Fencing.

July 12-26th:
Teaching at the Nordic Stage Fight Society annual summer workshop in Hamar.

Living in Oslo & working on "Norwegian Ninja" as stunt coordinator while also playing a small character part in the film.

June 29th:
Prep work and actors training for "Norwegian Ninja" begins in Oslo.

June 18-28th:
In Arkhangelsk, Russia, performing in KULTA Productions new show "Kak Sprek" at the International Street Theatre Festival. I also co-directed and did the fight choreography for this production.

Excerpt 1: Smallsword fight Excerpt 2: Quarterstaff fight

May 7-30th:
Performing in the play "Hamsuns Feber" at Hålogaland Teater, Tromsø.

Video: Behind the scenes

May 1-3rd:
In Hammerfest, choreographing fight scenes for the Regional Dance Stage production "Spindelvevjenta".

March 13th:
Performing the work "O p a l" by long time collaborator Erik Stifjell, a concert/performance art piece, at the KONTAK Art Music Festival, Tromsø.

March 2-3rd:
In Sweden, visiting Zin-Lit Stunt Academy to scout for stunt performers for "Norwegian Ninja".

February 21-22nd:

In Fréjus, southern France, teaching a workshop in stage fighting.

February 3-8th:
In Longyear town, Spitsbergen, to teach workshops and perform at the annual Circus Week there.

January 24th:
In Trondheim, taking part in a 1 day seminar comparing medieval combat re-enactment with stage and film fighting.

January 25-27th:
In Verdal, working as stunt coordinator on the short film "Verditransporten" directed by Janna Brattli.

January 18-19th:
Performer and co-choreographer, opening show for the "Arktisk Kultursenter", the newly built culture centre in Hammerfest.

January 9th:
In Oslo for the opening night of "Død Snø" ("Dead Snow").


December 26th:
Going to Canada. I have been invited to participate as a Master Teacher at the "Paddy Crean - Art of the Sword" workshop hosted by The International Order of The Sword and Pen (IOSP). This is one the largest professional gatherings for stage fighting and related performance arts in the world. A great honour.

December 18th:
Confirmed production of the feature film "Nytt Norsk Håp" ("New Norwegian Hope") is announced, to be produced by Tordenfilm AS, and shot August-Octobre 2009. In short, it´s a satirical take on Norwegian politics in the 80s, relating how the condemned spy Arne Treholt was actually a ninja... I will be stunt coordinator on this production.

1 week tour in the southwest of Norway, performing "Circus Puzzles"


Stunt work on the TV series "Koselig med peis", Oslo.

September 9-10th:
Workshop on film fighting in Barni, Italy, together with Joe Perez, hosted by Ran Arthur Braun.

September 5-7th:
World Championships in Stage Fencing, in San Marino. I am head coach for the Norwegian national team, as well as being a participant myself; I will take part in 3 duel scenes, with different weapon disciplines.

More about the Championships here:

UPDATE: We won the most medals of all the teams in the World Championships!

Gold medal, Solo (Nina Matthis)
Gold medal, Duel Ancient/Medieval (me, Johannes Eilertsen)
Gold medal, Duel Timeless/Fantasy (me, Nina Matthis)
Silver medal, Duel Renaissance/Contemporary (Sergey Myshenyov, Galina Chernova)
Silver medal, Battle Renaissance/Contemporary (Maria Hansen, Sigri de Vries, Martine Sørensen, Johgannes Eilertsen, Sigurd Eilertsen, Henning Bjørnstad)
Bronze medal, Duel Renaissance/Contemporary (me, Martine Sørensen)
Bronze medal, Duel Timeless/Fantas (Sergey Myshenyov, Galina Chernova)

Team Norway, from left to right: Nina Matthis, Henning Bjørnstad, Sigurd Eilertsen, Maria Hansen, Sergey Myshenyov, Galina Chernova, Martine Sørensen, me, Sigri de Vries, Johannes Eilertsen

August 8-17th:
In Espedalen to co-direct, choreograph and perform in this years version of the outdoor play "Mellom Himmel og Helvete" ("Between Heaven and Hell", which I have written together with director Gro Lystad.

July 26th-August 2nd:

In Italy, part vacation and part scouting out the location for the upcoming World Championship in Stage Fencing in San Marino.

In Roskilde, Denmark, teaching and serving as course principal at the annual Nordic Stage Fight Society summer workshop.

Doing a youth workshop in action film making with my brother, cinematographer Martin Jørgensen Edelsteen, in Harstad.

May 18th:
At Andøya Island, giving a short course in the safe handling of firearms on stage for the performance project "Rust", directed by Katrine M.E. Strøm

May 12th:

Performing a comic fight scene with Johannes Eilertsen in the show "Sirkus Lappeteppe" at KULTA.

May 1st:
In Denmark to see the performance "All Up" at Cantabile 2.

April 28-30th:
Stunt coordinator on a commercial film produced by Fantefilm, directed by Roar Uthaug.

Stunt coordinator on the feature film "Død Snø", produced by Yellow Bastard Productions.


Stunt coordinator on the feature film "Nord", produced by Motlys AS.

At Svalbard (78 degrees north, way up in the Arctic Sea) with some colleagues from KULTA to do our annual circus workshop plus a show with youth and children living in Longyear Town. Didn´t see any polar bears, though.

In Molde, down on the west coast, performing in the contemporary circus show "Circus Puzzles".

January 17th:
In Oslo, giving a lecture on stunt work, with a special emphasis on wire stunts, for the Norwegian Film Development.

January 3rd-8th:
Arranging a workshop in wire stunts with world class stunt coordinator Eric Chen, in Tromsø, aimed at professionals.


December 10th-14th:
Teaching at Zin-Lit Stunt School, Sweden.

December 2nd:
Stunt coordinating a short film, "Graffiti", directed by Jim Hansen.

November 30th:
Opening night for KULTAs 15 years jubilee performance "The Princess who travelled to the Heart of the World", with almost 300 students on stage. In good KULTA fashion, all grown-ups had a lot of different tasks. I played the King, choreographed some, and co-directed several scenes with director Bente Reibo.

October 27th:
In Berlin, teaching a workshop in smallsword and unarmed combat, arranged by Karsten Hoffmann and OSC Berlin.

October 20-21th:
Play the title role in "Eagle Marsh", a short film by Viktor Enoksen.

October 6th:
My stage fighting group performed at an event in Tromsø.

September 29th:
In Trondheim, teaching a workshop in unarmed stage fighting for Sør-Trøndelag Teaterverksted. For more info:

September 12th:
Teaching a one day workshop at KULTA for culture school teachers in basic circus disciplines, together with Vegard Krane.

September 9th:
In Copenhagen, Denmark, to see the contemporary circus show "Bycirkus Berserk" by Cantabile2. Liked it a lot!

August 24-26th:
In Italy on invitation from Scuola Brancaleone to take part in an internastional competition in stage fighting, the Torneo Capoferro 2007. Entering this year was by invitation only, and most competitors were professionals. The other teams came from Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Italy. My team cosisted of me, Ine Camilla Bjørnsten and Mikal Hole.
We won 1 gold medal (out of 3 possible) and came 2nd overall.

August 23rd:
In Oslo to give a lecture on contemporary circus in northern Norway and to take part in founding an organization for professional circus artists and instructors in Norway.

August 22nd:
Opening of KULTAs Senior High School Programme! I have been working on this on and off for 2 years now, and finally we could open the doors and receive our first students.

Stunt coordinator on the short film "Zoom de Temps", directed by Magne Pettersen.

May 4th:

Opening night of a youth theatre production of "Peter Pan" at KULTA. I did the fight choreography and co-directed with Ine Camilla Bjørnsten.

April 2-5th:
Teaching a stage fighting workshop for professional actors in Helsinki, Finland, together with fellow NSFS teacher Peppe Östensson, for the theatre organization

In Arkhangelsk, Russia, assisting the youth circus group Sirkus Trekvart ("Circus Three Quarters") from KULTA Culture Center.

Working as a stunt man on the filming of Jan Guillous "Arn" series. Set in the 1100s, the 2 films (shot back to back) portray the life of Swedish knight templar Arn Magnusson. With a budget of 210 million SEK, this will be the biggest production in Nordic film history. NSFS teacher Peppe Östensson is sword master on the films, stunt coordination by Kimmo Rajala.

In Sapporo, Japan, performing with Circus KULTA at a special outdoor show as part of the Nigiwai Music Festival, together with the band Bel Canto. We also performed "Circus Puzzles" at a childrens theatre, the Yamabiko-Za.

Teaching a circus workshop for kids and youth in Longyearbyen, the isolated Norwegian community up in Svalbard, located at 78 degrees north. You know, where the polar bears live.

In Vancouver, Canada, for visits at the National Circus Schol and at Cirque du Soleil.

In Banff, Canada, teaching at a workshop arranged by the International Order of the Sword and Pen. I taught a 4 day course on knife fighting, as well as classes in aikido techniques, unarmed combat and knife manipulations.


Desember 30th:
Going to Banff, Canada, to teach at a stage fighting workshop arranged by the International Order of the Sword and Pen. I have been invited as a Teacher Scholar, and will teach 2 classes there on theatrical knife combat. A great honour indeed, as other teachers attending are recognized among the foremost in the world.

November 6th-12th:
In Bruxelles, Belgium, to do a workshop focusing on stage fighting, knife combat and aikido for the contemporary dance production WWLA, directed by Mette Ingvartsen.

October 26th:
Performing "Sirkusgåter" (Circus Puzzles) at the international ASSITEJ festival for professional childrens theatre, Kristiansund

October 21-23rd:
In Finland to do talent scouting for our new KULTA production, which will open in 2007.

October 18-20th:
Doing stunts on the feature film "True North", directed by Asif Kapadia. I´ll be standing in for an actor in a fight scene with actors Michelle Yeoh and Michelle Krusiec. Circus artist and fellow KULTA instructor Madelene Eriksson also participates as Michelle Krusiecs stand-in.

October 6th:
Opening night for the contemporary circus production "Yukar", which I have written and directed for my circus students at KULTA. Based on the rich oral tradidition of the Ainu people of northern Japan, the performance is part of the international literature festival Ordkalotten in Tromsø.

September 22-24th:
Stage fighting workshop at the festival Teaterdagene på Lillehammer. Will perform "Sirkusgåter" there as well; this is possibly the 100th performance (we´ve sort of lost count along the way).

September 15-17th:
Participating in the International German Championship in Artistic Fencing in Berlin with my student Mikal Hole. We performed 2 different fight choreographies, 1 with medieval weapons and 1 set in the late 1600s, featuring the smallsword. We were awarded a Bronze for our smallsword fight scene.

September 6th:
Performing a fight choreography for a walkabout performance in Tromsø commisioned by the Norwwegian Art Council.

September 1st:
Doing a one day juggling workshop with more than 80 participants, Tromsø. Biggest workshop I´ve ever held!

August 14-18th:
Stage fighting/stunt workshop for young participants (12 yrs and up) at KULTA Culture Centre, Tromsø.

August 2-3rd:
Stage fighting workshop, Trondheim.

July 29th-August 3rd:
Performing medieval fight show at the festival Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim with fellow Nordic Stage Fight Society members Nina Matthis, Lars Bergman and Mikal Hole.

July 3-13th:

Teaching at the Nordic Stage Fight Society´s annual summer workshop, which this year will be held in Pärnu, Estonia. More info about the workshop and about NSFS at

June 22nd:
First performance of the Viking age mini-play "Skjebnespill", which I have written, directed and choreographed, in Tromsø.

June 21-22nd:
Producing and performing circus style performances outdoors for a local event with aerialist Julie Heir and students from KULTA.

June 8th:
"Dobbel Salto (Double Salto)" is shown on NRK (Norwegian National TV). This is a 25 min TV film based on a "The Master Builder" by Ibsen, re-dressed and relocated to a travelling circus. I was circus consultant and stunt coordinator on this film, as well as standing in for the main part in several scenes.

May 19-20th:
Finishing performances for the season with the circus students at KULTA.

May 12-14th:
Arranging a workshop in Tromsø in the gymnastic discipline german wheel (rohenrad) with former world champion Lin-Veronica Samuelsen.

May 2nd:
Coordinating stunts for a commercial made for TV Tromsø.

April 21-23rd:
Teaching a special 3-days course in knife fighting for stage and film at Odsherred Teaterskole, Denmark, This workshop will only be open for for certified Nordic Stage Fight Society teachers.

April 16-20th:

Fight choreography and stunt coordination for the short film "Kalde spor" at the Norwegian Film School. Lots of martial arts and wire work! Tim Man both played one of the two lead roles and gave sound advice on the use of wires. My circus colleague Julie Heir played the other lead. Thomas Isak Johansen did all rigging. All wire equipment supplied by the Swedish Stunt Group.

April 8-12th:

Teaching at the annual Spring Roll stage fighting workshop in Hamar. For more info about the workshop, check out

April 2nd:
Fight instruction for a youth theatre production of "Romeo & Juliet".

March 21-22nd:
Teaching a circus workshop at Lærerhøyskolen, Tromsø.

March 16-18th:
Actor/stuntman in a short film made by first-year students at the National Film School, Lillehammer.

February 28th:

Actor in an information film produced by TV Tromsø for UNN, the Regional Hospital in Northern Norway.

February 25-26th:
Stage fight choreography for a production of "Brødrene Løvehjerte (The Brothers Lionheart)", Tromsø.

February 22nd:
Performing in "Sirkusgåter (Circus Puzzles)", a contemporary circus production at the Childrens´ Theatre Festival in Oulo, Finland.

February 9-16th:
Teaching at a circus workshop in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, together with Vegard Krane and Gøril Nilsen.

February 2nd:

Hålogaland Teaters production "Mio min Mio", for which I have done the stage fighting choreography, is opening in Tromsø.

January 27-29th:
The planned workshop with Klaus Hjuler in gun safety for stage and screen, which was supposed to be held in Tromsø this weekend is postponed to later this spring. New dates to be announced.

January 20th:
First screening of the TV film "Dobbel Salto (Double Salto)" at Tromsø International Film Festival. I was circus consultant and stunt coordinator on this film, as well as standing in for the main part in several scenes.

January 13th-16th:
Accompanied the KULTA youth circus group "Akrobatene" as producer/technician on their trip to Murmansk, Russia, to participate in the youth theatre festival "Verges 2006". Much to everyones surprise and delight, they won the Grand Prix for the best performance. I also taught a short workshop in stage fighting at the festival.

January 9-12th:
Stunt coordinator on the short film "Brekk", produced by News On Request and Paraplyen and directed by Magne Pettersen. Stunt team colleague Vegard Krane did rigging and safety for a flying sequence.

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